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Creatine Malate Exotic Fruits 300g

Creatine Malate Exotic Fruits 300g

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  • Food supplement by Ground Game Labs
  • Creatine malate, exotic fruits flavour
  • No sugar added
  • Doping free, superb taste
  • Container 300 g (50 servings)
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Food supplement base on creatine malate, exotic fruit fallout. Supplements the diet with creatine and is intended for adults performing high intensity exercise. With stevia plant used as a sweetener.
Creatine increases physical performance in successive bursts of short-term, high intensity exercise. The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 3 g of creatine. It is recommended to consume one serving of the product daily as required to obtain the claimed beneficial effect.

Serving size: 6 g (1,25 scoop). Servings per container: 50.
Amount per 6 g: jcreatine malate 5000 mg (of which creatine 3750 mg)

Ingredients: creatine malate, flavorings, sweetener (sterol glycosides), anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), maltodextrin, red beet juice concentrate in powder, color (carotenes).

Recommended ust: 6 g of powder (1,25 scoop) mix well with 250 ml of water in a shaker bottle or blender. Consume once daily (in non-training days - 1 serving in the morning, in training days - 1 serving after workout). Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. For preceise measurements of the product we recommend using scale.

Warnings Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and well balanced diet. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the supplement compounds. A varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are recommended.

Storage: Store in a closed packaging, in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of young children. Consume within 90 days from first opening.

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